Our gourmet hampers are specially designed to offer maximum choice, so you could either customise your own hamper depending on your requirement or simply choose from our ready-to-buy hampers.

To order any of our luxurious hampers –
please call +91 2243666666 for more details.

You could also opt to gift a loved one an Indigo Deli experience with our gift vouchers, available at all our restaurants.


To offer diners the convenience of shopping before or after a meal, our Deli Shop is a quintessential ‘retail gourmet store’ located within a few of the Delis. This section focuses on in-house products including baked goods and take-aways. In addition to this we also have a range of premium meats and cheese, condiments, wines, coffees, teas, etc.

Freshly baked treats range from buttery croissants, bagels, tea cakes, baguettes, lavash and breadsticks to delicious tropical fruit pies and tarts, Danish pastries, gateaux and baked-to-order cookies.

The merchandise section carries some of the most sought-after cookbooks, coffee accessories, glassware, kitchen accessories, pastas, sauces and other cooking ingredients.

Hosting a party at home?

We have a special take-away party menu that includes finger foods, canapés, quiches, pies, salads, marinades, dips, pâtés and more…
Just make sure to place your order two days in advance and we’ll do the rest. Call your nearest Indigo Deli outlet for more details.